An involvement of our teams
An involvement of our teams

... to build a greener, more human and sustainable planet.

... to build a greener, more human and sustainable planet.

« With Tree-Nation, the ARaymond Network gives the planet trees »

For a greener and more sustainable planet

Tree-Nation is an international social network which intervenes in the issue of deforestation, desertification and poverty. Its actions are mainly carried out in Africa and in South America.
Since 2006, Tree-Nation has worked in partnership with the United Nations programme for the Environment and is backed by several sponsors to carry out large-scale projects. 120 European and international companies have already joined the community to build a greener planet!
Tree-Nation offers trees online, some of which have medicinal and nutritional virtues, which will then be actually planted. While combating deforestation, this project also creates local jobs, necessary for planting and maintaining the trees.

ARaymond Network alongside tree-Nation in Niger

In 2009, the ARaymond Network* committed itself to a project in Niger alongside Tree-Nation Niger Heart is an ambitious programme which aims to plant 8 million trees. This huge forest in the shape of a heart is located in the region of Dosso, about a 100km from the capital, Niamey.
The ARaymond Network has offered 3,700 trees, corresponding to its 3,700 employees at the time: « each ARaymond employee gave the planet a tree ».
Planting acacias from Senegal and moringas, well-drilling... Since 2009, the ARaymond Network has renewed its commitment to Niger alongside Tree-Nation every year.

A gift for our planet

In order to involve its employees, the ARaymond Network regularly informs its employees of the progress of the project. The partnership with Tree-Nation thus marks the beginning of a lasting commitment based on a collective consciousness and strengthens the sense of belonging to a company driven by socially responsible values.