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Green fasteners

The ARaymond Network and agriculture

Using its know-how in designing fastening systems and its expertise in plastic injection molding, the ARaymond Network has developed a range of innovative and value-added fastening solutions for the agriculture sector.
ARaymond™ fastening parts for plants include clips and hooks for growing vegetables, and wire clips for trellising grapevines. By working closely with its customers, the ARaymond Network ensures that its products always meet the needs of the grower. The products simplify cultivation, reduce labor costs and maximize yields.
ARaymond™ fastening solutions for agricultural structures such as greenhouses also help optimize plant growth. Standard and custom-made products maximize the performance of all the key elements needed, such as lighting, heating and irrigation. The parts also simplify assembly of the structure. The ARaymond Network draws on its expertise in the entire process from design to manufacturing to help customers develop a mounting solution according to their specific requirements.

Global expansion

Since entering the market in 2010, ARaymond™ fastening solutions for the agriculture sector, which are designed and manufactured in Spain, have proved a big hit among vegetable growers and distributors across Europe.
Building on this success, the ARaymond Network now plans to expand into the agriculture market in several other parts of the world, such as North Africa.

Biodegradable options

Alongside its classic range of products, the ARaymond Network offers biodegradable fastening solutions for the agriculture sector. 
Manufactured from biodegradable material, the products are compostable, meaning that all the waste can be composted when the plants reach the end of their life cycle. This not only helps contribute to a sustainable environment, but also leads to considerable disposal savings, and an improved composting process.