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Assembly solutions for industrial market

The ARaymond Network and industrial

Industrial market covers various segments such as household appliances, electronics, manufacturing machinery, lighting, site machinery and railway equipment.
The ARaymond Network focuses on two main areas:

  • The standard offer: a product catalogue covering the standard needs sold through specialist distributors.
  • Custom-made: response to manufacturers' specific needs to improve their assembly process. Engineers work on the client's project from the pre-design phase.

Dedicated applications

Applications originally developed for the automotive industry are regularly transferred to the industrial market:

  • Sheet metal assembly techniques, water tightness
  • Parts for cables and pipe fitting
  • Quick connectors for fluid applications
  • Intelligent parts and assemblies offering additional functions (sensors or RFID chips for traceability)

Future prospects

Active in the industrial market for 30 years, the ARaymond Network has now stepped up and developed this activity geographically. The breadth of the ARaymond Network offer combined with the proximity of a distribution network enables it to fully meet the industrialists' needs.
Inspired by the example of ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial in the United States, ARaymond Network plans to become an indisputable leader in the fastening and assembly field.