ARaymond Network News

Date : 12/16/15 | Theme : Automotive

Major Italian car manufacturer stays cool with ARaymond technology

Italian car giant orders new range of automotive Quick Connectors designed for cooling systems ARaymond*, a leading supplier of fastening and assembly solutions to car and truck manufacturers, has extended its product portfolio with the launch of Quick Connectors specially developed for cooling applications. The first of these innovative Qu… [+]

Date : 11/16/15 | Theme : Life

A second production line for PRID® DELTA

This summer, the new ARaymondlife plant gained a second production line, due to be operational in the last quarter of 2015, for its star product PRID® Delta. A look back on this flagship project with Maxime Bonnet, deputy managing director and head pharmacist of ARaymondlife. ARaymondlife* was born with PRID® Delta. This veterinary dru… [+]

Date : 10/08/15 | Theme : Truck, Automotive

ARaymond turns up the heat in fluid connection technology race

New ARaymond™ Quick Connector will enable SCR systems to operate in very cold weather in accordance with Euro 6 regulations A heated Quick Connector solution developed by ARaymond* to help car and truck manufacturers comply with the latest EU emissions legislation is now available on the market. Under the Euro 6 regulations, whic… [+]

Date : 06/09/15 | Theme : Automotive

ARaymond launches online catalog for automotive and trucks connectors

Interactive features include 3D animations and product comparison tools ARaymond* has launched a new online catalog to make it easier for customers to select from its unrivalled range of automotive Quick Connector products. The e-catalog, the first one of its kind that ARaymond has produced for the automotive and truck market, contains de… [+]

Date : 05/28/15 | Theme : Truck

ARaymond announces 200th product for major truck OEM

ARaymond* has developed its 200th component for a high-profile customer in the commercial vehicle market, one of the world’s leading truck and bus OEMs. The component, a plastic-injected end piece with thread for fuel systems, is designed to be more cost-effective to manufacture and lighter than alternative products made of brass or stee… [+]

Date : 03/25/15 | Theme : Life a website that reflects who we are!

The ARaymondlife* website was launched in January 2015 and has already taken off… The ARaymondlife website, one of the last to be developed within the ARaymond Network** was eagerly awaited. Stéphanie Pellet, marketing manager, oversaw the development of the site: “Having a web presence became a matter of urgency because we… [+]