ARaymond Network - New buildings. Built-in innovations.

Date : 01/26/12

Intelligence is being built into the new ARaymond plant projects throughout the world.


A round building and plants that integrate technical or environmental constraints are just a few examples of this innovative spirit.
Architects and builders have been asked to create positive working environments and buildings open to the world and cost and energy efficient.

Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, India, China and Japan are all designing or building new plants or major extensions at the moment. In these eight countries, the land has been chosen and acquired by ARaymond on the basis of precise  criteria, such as being near to existing operations and accessible by public transport. The architects and builders are now at work. “We pay attention to the specific constraints of each country,” explains Chief Operations Officer.

“In Japan, for example, we’re thinking of having a sunk-in building to protect ourselves against earthquakes. In India, the building will be protected from Monsoons and in Russia, we’re exploring protection possibilities to counter extremely cold weather.” Architects and builders have also been asked to create positive working environments, with designs to encourage collaboration and buildings open to the world and cost- and energy-efficient, as well as economical to maintain. “In all countries, our architects  are exploring innovative design concepts,” asserts Chief Operations Officer . “We even asked architects to work on a round shaped and landscape-integrated building. Above all, we want our people to be proud and happy about their plant and we do not want our building to be ostentatious but rather in harmony with its environment.”

A great deal of effort is also being made to ensure that each new project benefits from best practices identified throughout the Network and to harmonize inner layout.