ArchitecturalBUS (AB) and ARaymond (AR)

Date : 07/01/09

AR is developing in France as an expert in assembly processes through a partnership of manufacturers, the TERTIAIRE PLUG & PLAY consortium (incorporation pending) based on the ARCHITECTURALBUS


AB and AR France first met in March 2007 when JL. BAAL, the creator of ArchitecturalBUS was looking for a partner specialised in simple, quick and reversible clips.
AR develops generic and facilitating clip solutions through its "Building" business, which can be used by the different building trades.
Thanks to the convergence of views and innovative principle of constructive processes developed by AB, the two companies were able to define synergies and increase exchanges with other partners with complementary advantages.

AB is a concept that brings manufacturers together around a table to share an overall constructive vision and to work together to design new products.

Today, a building should be designed to be functional, economical, scalable and environmentally friendly. At ArchitecturalBUS, we call them "plug and play buildings". For example, we have developed a method for the design, management and maintenance of finishings. A flexible building is a structure that is truly adaptable and can be configured to suit immediate as well as future needs. The objective is to be able to reuse all materials, networks and services after any future transformations, whether complete or partial.

The tool on which this concept is based is a technical manual that explains how to design flexible administrative buildings with utilities distribution facilities and removable partitions, though a 3D graphic object library (doors, partitions, sanitary facilities, etc.) that can be used on all CAD workstations for the architectural simulation of a project using a scalable database right down to the quotation.

AR products fit into this tool because its clips create productivity gains during the assembly of the various components of the project
o e.g.: computer network seen in the picture above: 60 metres of network installed in two hours by non-specialists

They also make it possible to carry out remodelling quickly and at little cost. All the clips chosen can be dismounted and reused without being deteriorated
o Example: combination of AR-Raywal solution for the holding and organisation of cables in ceilings

When associated with AR components, AB products are reusable, and also make it possible to identify the components for safety purposes, as well as making them easy to install.

The tool is intended for use in design offices and already covers a wide portion of finishing trades in the administrative building sector. It will be released in September 2009.
The "Tertiaire Plug & Play" consortium, today made up of 6 manufacturers, continues to develop the concept.