ARaymond Japan - New Assembly Machine #652 added for quick connectors production

Date : 11/22/10

ARaymond Japan is pleased to announce that a new semi auto quick connector assembly machine, #652 has been added to its machine park since June 2010.

Due to a recent increase in customer demands for various sizes of quick connectors, its has been decided to localize a new assembly machine. This machine has unique concepts and a new approach in comparison to ordinary assembly machines that are worldwide used in the ARaymond Network.
It uses state of the art technologies and is equipped with several robots for elementary component parts handling, a lot of cameras for quality inspections, and a couple of index tables for pre assembly processes. All this in a single compact machine.

The basic concept of this semi auto machine is to be able to produce multi sized quick connectors by changing only several fixtures. The concept is easy and highly productive.

Two years ago another semi auto assembly machine #645, had already been adapted for such requirements. And here again all is a single compact machine.

ARaymond Japan is now even more capable and flexible to produce different size quick connectors locally, and to deliver customers in a very short time delay to meet their sudden orders and demand increases.