Innovation Day - Pilkington (June 12th 2003 - Great Britain)

Date : 06/12/03 | Theme : Automotive

On June 12th 2003, we held the first Innovation Day for a customer, which was soley dedicated to Raybond. Pilkington’s Management and our own Group Management were deeply involved.

After a V.I.P. breakfast, the show was kicked-off by Ciro Paudice -Director Glazing Systems Pilkington. This was followed by presentations from: Antoine Raymond, C.E.O. : presentation of the A Raymond Group ; Michel Brémont, Managing Director A Raybond : presentation of Raybond, Dr. Hans Jürgens Lesser, R&D Director A Raymond Group : Innovation in Fastening ; Stephen Lockett, Managing Director A Raymond UK : FACIL The afternoon was dedicated to business cases & technical presentations based on detailed mock-ups. Our glass maker customers know very well that parts bonded on glass significantly increases the added value of glazing systems. In order to adopt new technical solutions and to sell them to their customers, it is a major concern for us to keep our customer well informed about our innovative technologies. Such shows are a very good opportunity to keep R&D Engineers, Project Managers, and Key Account teams fully informed. We had approximately 60 visitors from all the European Pilkington sites, all were very impressed by the wide range of skills within the A Raymond Group and our very comprehensive offer. Today, Raybond is able to supply a full turn key solution to the customer: fastener design and expertise thanks to the Group’s highly qualified engineers, vast adhesive expertise along with state of the art bonding machines.