A Raymond China attended the local automotive fuel system seminar

Date : 11/22/10 | Theme : Automotive

As one of the largest suppliers of fuel line quick connectors and the market leader in China, A Raymond China was invited honorably to participate in a local automotive fuel system seminar on Sep.16th to Sep 17th in Gusu Jinjiang Tower of Suzhou.

Focused on the leading enterprises in the field of fuel system, this seminar attracted many of the main Chinese companies (domestic OEMs, fuel tanks, fuel lines, quick connectors and raw material suppliers throughout the industrial chain of fuel system, …)

During this seminar, A Raymond China arranged the booth and the presentation to exhibit and to advertise its types of quick connectors which were greatly supported by Rayconnect International. Attendees were very interested in all kinds of quick connectors from Rayconnect, coming together to exchange their own ideas, discussing product information, and networking for new business. In addition to the presentation and advertisement of A Raymond China’s products, the biggest highlight of this seminar were the speeches by well-known people from some of the famous companies. On this occasion, A Raymond China made a wonderful speech on quick connectors and their applications. The participants had then the opportunity to get in detail all the opportunities of the AR China Quick Connectors. This speech was followed by a “question/answer” session.

Such an event, will bring many benefits not only to A Raymond China but also its partners. Benefits such as the establishment and the enhancement of some better relationships with major domestic and foreign OEMS, market leaders in fuel lines, fuels tank,…  and R&D specialists; benefits such as knowledge of latest trends in the industry and technological progress through exchange and cooperation to develop new potential customer; benefits such as promoting the company’s products and reputation and strengthening A Raymond China’s position as market leader for fuel line quick connectors in China.