ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive Innovation Day Yazaki North America

Date : 03/20/12 | Theme : Automotive

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive were invited to make an innovation day at the Yazaki head-quarters in Canton, Detroit.  

Yazaki are an important customer for ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive and also the rest of the ARaymond Network.  The event was held on November 16th 9:00am to 3:00pm and over 150 guests from Yazaki visited throughout the day.

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive were given a large room on the ground floor, adjacent to the canteen area to make their display.  Most of the complete catalogue of the ARaymond technologies was shown.  From our standard automotive fastener catalogue range to the more innovative products, technologies and services we offer (lean bonding, automated process (RayTOOL® plastic rivet gun) and R&D (Rayce – ARaymond Center of Expertise)).  Not forgetting of course our extensive range of electrical catalogue parts and design expertise in this specific are of automotive design.

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive made great use of the space with several display counters demonstrating some of our different product ranges.  The back board above the table top carries a computer screen in the top left hand corner, which can run product demonstration videos or presentations about specific expertise, plus samples and models.  These were very impressive and proved a real eye-catcher for our visitors.  Also the Global Matrix parts (electric), which is evolving in US and being rolled out to Europe were on show.  This was also one of the first shows for the new electric specific global ARGUS* with new display banners and samples boards, which were a real hit with our customers.  

The whole day was great fun and received very good comments and reviews from our visitors and everyone involved.  It set a very good benchmark for how this type of marketing exercise could be conducted in future and hopefully it will help ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive continue successfully with Yazaki North America.

Following this innovation day and as a demonstration of how Yazaki values this kind of initiative by its suppliers.  A Raymond has been invited to make another innovation day for Yazaki, Japan in the near future.  This is to be arranged!

* ARGUS: A Raymond Group Universal Solutions