ARaymond to premiere two new greenhouse clips in 2017

Date : 01/30/17 | Theme : Agriculture

There will soon be two new additions to the ARaymond™ family of greenhouse clips. ARaymond* is known for their innovative and adaptable solutions and the company will premiere two new products at the 25th Fruit & Logistica Fair in Germany this February.  The Easy Clip 14mm for cucumber plants and the Easy Clip 26mm for tomato plants will be available commercially in 2017, and have been specifically designed by ARaymond to meet customer demand in both Europe and North America.

(ARaymond™ EasyClip 26mm)

Very positive feedback
The new products will enjoy the same ergonomic design as the rest of the ARaymond™ range with a lightweight non-slip hinge to ensure they are hard-wearing, but will not damage the delicate young plants during the important early-growth stages. Customer feedback about the Easy Clip 14mm and Easy Clip 26mm samples has been very positive, clients were impressed by both the cost-effective aspect, and the ergonomic of the clips.

Optimized design
The two new clips with their optimized design will join the complete ARaymond™ range of plastic clips, supports and hooks for greenhouse cultivation. ARaymond Manager, Miquel Perez commented that ARaymond has been working with producers and distributors to develop efficient solutions for the agricultural market. He also highlighted the small size and light weight of the new clips which he sees as a major advantage of their design, allowing ARaymond to reduce packaging and transport costs for customers worldwide.

(ARaymond™ EasyClip 26mm)

Innovative solutions
The ARaymond Network** has a long history of outstanding customer support. As an assembly expert with more than 150 years of experience, innovation is in the company DNA and ARaymond constantly produce original and often tailor-made solutions. Using their technological knowledge from the automotive world, the ARaymond R&D team were inspired by the agricultural expertise and forward-thinking of Dutch producers. As a result, they have created a full range of horticultural solutions to improve production and adapt to specific market needs. The Fruit & Logistica Fair from the 8th-10th February will provide an ideal opportunity for ARaymond to showcase these solutions and introduce the latest additions to the clip range to customers from all over the world. 

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