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Date : 10/16/14 | Market : AGRICULTURE | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond launches innovative truss support for tomato plants

FlexTruss offers numerous benefits including reduced plant damage and lower labor costs ARaymond*, expert in fastening and assembly solutions, has launched a new innovative truss support solution that offers flexibility, reduces risk of damage to the plant, saves time and reduces labor costs. FlexTruss is designed for use on tomato plants… [+]

Date : 11/26/13 | Market : AGRICULTURE | category : Inside ARaymond

Thinner, Lighter, smarter-ARaymond Easy Clip offers new benefits for vegetable growers

“Re-designed greenhouse clip, comparing to some other clips references, halves transport costs” The growing number of vegetable growers using the greenhouse Easy Clip from ARaymond*  are finding that less means more. The Easy Clip is an updated version of the Classic Clip, which was launched earlier this year as part of ARa… [+]

Date : 10/15/13 | Market : AGRICULTURE | category : Inside ARaymond

Ergo Clip from ARaymond proves immediate hit

Range of greenhouse clips offer specific ergonomy and reduce labor costs Sales of a new line of greenhouse clips from ARaymond Network**, a worldwide leader in fastening and assembly solutions, are booming thanks to innovative product features that amazingly simplifies the way clips are installed to grow plants such as tomatoes by their spec… [+]

Date : 04/30/10 | Market : AGRICULTURE | category : Inside ARaymond

A gold medal for Raygreen® - ARaymond Tecniacero (Spain) bio division !

During the last ARGUS (A Raymond Group Universal Solutions) meeting, the “Heavy Clip Bio” from Raygreen® (A Raymond Tecniacero (Spain)) was rewarded. This innovative agricultural product couldn’t help but be noticed as it met all qualities expected for a gold medal : - it fully corresponds to a new market project : Th… [+]

Date : 07/01/09 | Market : AGRICULTURE | category : Inside ARaymond

A Raygreen prototype machine completely developed in-house

The ARaymond Tecniacero maintenance department in collaboration with Raygreen, has developed a semi automatic machine to use in the production development of the latest Raygreen project.   The machine assembles two parts: from one side a plastic hook developed by the Raygreen team and from the other side a rope.  For cost savin… [+]

Date : 05/15/07 | Market : AGRICULTURE | category : Inside ARaymond

First steps for Raygreen®

Taking advantage of a local trade exhibition held in May, A Raymond Tecniacero took the opportunity to present its recently created division “Bio-Tecniacero” and its trademark “Raygreen®” to the main companies situated in the centre of Catalonia.   A Raymond-Tecniacero doubled its exposure by presenting i… [+]