ARaymond Network News

Date : 03/09/17 | Theme : Truck

How resident engineers make a difference

This is no secret; partnership means a lot in answering a client’s needs. Among the various ways ARaymond* chooses to make this partnership is that of resident engineers. We’ve been talking with Kevin Wendelken, resident engineer at a large OEM’s Engineering Centre in the UK for more than ten years, to get to the gist of how it ma… [+]

Date : 02/10/17 | Theme : Truck

Expanding for the right reasons: the case of our Moroccan Plant

In the life of a worldwide company, there are decisions that come on a regular basis. Should we widen our offer? How to remain competitive? Should we expand more? As a global Network and in a context of increasing demand, we tend to face this question of expansion pretty often. To us, the answer lies in the fact that it is not so much about expan… [+]

Date : 01/26/17 | Theme : Truck

ARaymond™ Metal P2L®: when fuel connectors get even stronger

The automotive industry is moving and it’s moving fast. Regulations ask for more performance, smaller vehicles and new technologies lead to increased underhood temperatures, fuel systems are seeing higher pressure and assembly lines are thirsty for ease and rapidity... Fasteners overall, and fuel connectors in this case, have to adapt. You m… [+]

Date : 05/02/16 | Theme : Truck

The strength of synergies

Achieving the best from a network is not just about coordination, it’s about collaboration. Luckily, the finest collaborations are easy to recognize: they yield results that go far beyond expectations. For ARaymond* such collaboration recently took the form of a truck specific Tech Day, an event which indeed prompted valuable discussions and … [+]

Date : 03/03/16 | Theme : Truck

ARaymond™ technology is a clean winner with Indian OEMs

Low-permeation Quick Connectors on display at ITB conference dedicated to Fuel and SCR Urea systems ARaymond* presented its latest automotive Quick Connectors solutions for reducing pollution at ITB Group’s second technical fuel systems conference in Pune, India. It also demonstrated its range of Quick Connectors for low-emission fuel s… [+]

Date : 10/19/15 | Theme : Truck

ARaymond is racing to be top of truck podium

International expert in fastening solutions for automotive, ARaymond raises profile in truck market through sponsorship of motor sport team Rayconnect*, a member of the ARaymond Network**, designs ARaymond™ Quick Connectors sold to car and truck industry. Rayconnect has recently renewed its sponsorship of ARAVI Racing, one of Europe… [+]