ARaymond Network News

Date : 10/18/16 | Theme : Industrial

How to build ties in confidence ?

Building relationships with confidence Any expanding company has experienced this: the more you grow, the more connections you make and the stronger you want your relationships to be. Of course, it all depends very much on value. So how can you be sure you are building solid relationships? At ARaymond Industrial*, we believe in a “go… [+]

Date : 10/11/16 | Theme : Automotive

ARaymond Engineering success … and showing it at the Fastener Fair Italy

Anyone selling small parts, whether in the food industry, the energy industry, the automotive industry or even the fashion industry will tell you that success is about selling the right parts. Naturally, one would be a fool to try and prove the contrary. But here is the thing. How do you know a product is the right one? At ARaymond*, we&rsqu… [+]

Date : 10/07/16 | Theme : Industrial

Modularity, or how to solve numerous problems at once – The case of ARaymond™ modular cable clips

When dealing with assembly or just any industrial process, some situations just feel like a mind-twister. It’s often the case when they involve trying to find a homogenous answer for items that differ a lot in terms of dimensions, orientation and so on. It happens for example when one needs to assemble heterogeneous tubes and pipes. To hel… [+]

Date : 09/19/16 | Theme : Life

Discover the new ARaymondlife virtual stand

As of this summer, ARaymondlife is a member of My Pharma Place, an online platform dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, a meeting place for laboratories, CMOs (subcontractors) and suppliers of packaging and equipment solutions. This free-access platform promotes products and services in the form of a virtual exhibition,&n… [+]

Date : 09/13/16 | Theme : Industrial

ARaymond U-Nut Speed Nuts, for easy panel attachement !

ARaymond™ U-Nut Speed Nuts®, or also named Snap on nuts, are self-retained in screw-receiving position to provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels. They correct misalignment in panel mounting holes, do not turn as the screw is driven and will not freeze on screw threads. Most ARaymond™ U-nuts are single piece stampings t… [+]

Date : 09/06/16 | Theme : Automotive

When collaboration opens new routes: Innovation Day at Toyota Technical Center

Born a family business, ARaymond* has grown into a network over the years. And it did so by counting not only on innovation, but also by relying on collaboration. Why? One reason is that entities working together has always led to expansion or strengthening for the network. One recent example is that of ARaymond hosting an Innovation… [+]