ARaymond Network News

Date : 09/19/16 | Theme : Life

Discover the new ARaymondlife virtual stand

As of this summer, ARaymondlife is a member of My Pharma Place, an online platform dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, a meeting place for laboratories, CMOs (subcontractors) and suppliers of packaging and equipment solutions. This free-access platform promotes products and services in the form of a virtual exhibition,&n… [+]

Date : 09/13/16 | Theme : Industrial

ARaymond U-Nut Speed Nuts, for easy panel attachement !

ARaymond™ U-Nut Speed Nuts®, or also named Snap on nuts, are self-retained in screw-receiving position to provide simple, rapid attachment of mating panels. They correct misalignment in panel mounting holes, do not turn as the screw is driven and will not freeze on screw threads. Most ARaymond™ U-nuts are single piece stampings t… [+]

Date : 09/06/16 | Theme : Automotive

When collaboration opens new routes: Innovation Day at Toyota Technical Center

Born a family business, ARaymond* has grown into a network over the years. And it did so by counting not only on innovation, but also by relying on collaboration. Why? One reason is that entities working together has always led to expansion or strengthening for the network. One recent example is that of ARaymond hosting an Innovation… [+]

Date : 08/24/16 | Theme : Automotive

How to be a global family: the case of ARaymond Maroc

It happens with every family. And it’s just pure math. The bigger it gets, the larger the physical distance between each member becomes. With a name that started with three men and represents now more than 6.000 men and women, ARaymond* hasn’t bent the rule: it is of global proportion today. Yet in spite of its incredible increase in si… [+]

Date : 08/17/16 | Theme : Automotive

Being there when it matters: ARaymond China* at the heart of tomorrow’s cars production

You know you are entering a new era when objects central to your life undergo a profound revolution. Take a look at cars: they are clearly telling us tomorrow just won’t ever be the same. The past decade has witnessed the democratization of advanced electric cars, the expansion of vehicle connectivity and a rise in innovative technologies on … [+]

Date : 06/17/16 | Theme : Industrial

Designed with Snap Fit in Mind

One of the best ways to save in total cost is to remove the laborious and expensive assembly operations that require an operator to install a screw. For panel assembly operations where joints are not subjected to heavy loading, ARaymond™ trim clips provide a fast, easy attachment. These include trim panels, decorative panels and close-out … [+]