ARaymond Network News

Date : 06/14/16 | Theme : Industrial

Closer to our clients with the 2016 ARaymond industrial product catalog

How can we* better prepare the future of our clients? We believe – at ARaymond Industrial - two things can make a difference: acknowledging existing successes and taking a close look at needs to come up with new valuable solutions. Our offer follows this principle, as both existing and new clients will be able to appreciate with the release o… [+]

Date : 06/14/16 | Theme : Agriculture

MedFEL 2016: "The biggest Mediterranean garden" in Perpignan, France

Projects, innovation, and business opportunities are only possible through dialogue. That applies to every sector, and it rings particularly true in the agricultural sector today—one that continues to rapidly evolve. So why not give producers and dealers in the Mediterranean region an even better opportunity to do just that? Over the last eig… [+]

Date : 06/14/16 | Theme : Industrial

ARaymond™ Palnuts®, for a perfect finish of aesthetic products with visible stud ends

The ARaymond™ Palnuts® are ideal for numerous applications such as toys, garbage cans, wheels and coolers with axles that need to be hidden. The Palnuts provide a good balance between maximum holding strength and minimal push on force. ARaymond™ Palnut® two-piece Self-Locking Decorative Stud One or two-piece decorative c… [+]

Date : 05/23/16 | Theme : Automotive

Sharing innovative time: the ARaymond Volkswagen manufacturer day

  Thinking fast, engineering efficiently, and building promptly: it’s much about the pace in areas such as the car industry. Yet now and again is the time to gather, share insights and cast an eye on the future. That’s why we regularly organize manufacturer days: a way for us to expose our specific strategies for each OEM (Origi… [+]

Date : 05/19/16 | Theme : Industrial

ARaymond™ Retaining rings go for added strength

When looking to solve a push-on fastener need, you naturally want a part that delivers on retention. ARaymond™ High- Strength Retaining Rings are designed with just that in mind. Whether used in conveyor roller systems, small hand tools, toys, or electronic devices, their low profile design makes them ideal for applications where space is … [+]

Date : 05/02/16 | Theme : Truck, Automotive

The strength of synergies

Achieving the best from a network is not just about coordination, it’s about collaboration. Luckily, the finest collaborations are easy to recognize: they yield results that go far beyond expectations. For ARaymond* such collaboration recently took the form of a truck specific Tech Day, an event which indeed prompted valuable discussions and … [+]