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Date : 03/20/12 | Market : AUTOMOTIVE | category : Events

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive Innovation Day Yazaki North America

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive were invited to make an innovation day at the Yazaki head-quarters in Canton, Detroit.   Yazaki are an important customer for ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive and also the rest of the ARaymond Network.  The event was held on November 16th 9:00am to 3:00pm and over 150 guests from Yazaki visited througho… [+]

Date : 03/19/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond growth in America and Asia

On 12th of December, 2011 ARaymond Brazil, a member of the ARaymond Network was one of the enterprises awarded the "Prêmio Exporta, São Paulo 2011“ given by the São Paulo Chamber of Commerce.  According to Alexander Picher, CEO of ARaymond Brazil the exports out of Brazil were growing up to 4% of the company’s&rsqu… [+]

Date : 03/18/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond Italy granted a regional award

On 14th December 2011, ARaymond Italy was awarded a distinction by the Vercelli province Chamber of Commerce for its longstanding contribution to the region.    ARaymond Italy has been located in Carisio, a small town near the city of Vercelli, since 1987. The President of the Chamber of Commerce cited ARaymond Italy as an ex… [+]

Date : 03/17/12 | Market : AUTOMOTIVE | category : Events

ARaymond India and Maruti Suzuki – Great collaboration !

Maruti Suzuki is the biggest car manufacturer in India. ARaymond India opened a Local Sales office in Gurgaon near to Maruti Suzuki in September 2011 and since then its team has been working closely with Maruti Suzuki team.  Due to international and economical factors, Maruti Suzuki has started to develop parts locally with global s… [+]

Date : 03/16/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond Network - All taking the LEED .

Since the construction of a new plant in Rochester Hills, ARaymond has committed to building LEED-certified facilities (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).   ARaymond aims to achieve at least Silver status, on a scale that goes from certification to Platinum. This environmental assessment system has become a global sta… [+]

Date : 03/15/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond ZhenJiang - Morning Exercises

Every working day at 10:00 a.m, all ARaymond ZhenJiang employees go out of the offices and line up in the playground to do some morning exercises. These exercises last around 8 minutes.  Taking morning exercise improves the flexibility of joints and ligaments, and maintains and improves the function of the bodys circulatory system. It… [+]