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Date : 01/26/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond China. Sustaining development.

ARaymond China is continuing its healthy growth, diversifying its activity both geographically and in product development to serve one of the world’s most exciting markets.   China has just ushered in the  Year of the Dragon, which means that according to tradition, 2012 will be marked by happiness, wealth and longevity. The… [+]

Date : 01/26/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond Network - New buildings. Built-in innovations.

Intelligence is being built into the new ARaymond plant projects throughout the world.   A round building and plants that integrate technical or environmental constraints are just a few examples of this innovative spirit. Architects and builders have been asked to create positive working environments and buildings open to the world a… [+]

Date : 01/26/12 | Market : AUTOMOTIVE | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond Network - Growth. India continues its expansion.

2011 was a great year of growth and development for ARaymond India with the opening of new sales, support and logistics offices in Chennai and Delhi and the start of planning for construction of the new plant in Pune, which is scheduled to be operational at the end of 2012.   “It’s a great time for us,” declares ARaym… [+]

Date : 01/26/12 | category : Inside ARaymond

ARaymond in the heart of Russia

In 2012, ARaymond Russia will begin construction of its plant in Dzerzhinsk, (30 km from Nizhniy Novgorod, 400 km east of Moscow).   “We chose this site because it is located at equal distances from the country’s main carmakers,” explains ARaymond Russia Managing Director. The ARaymond saga to move into the world… [+]

Date : 01/26/12 | Market : LIFE | category : Inside ARaymond

Japan. ARaymondlife: a first step into Asia.

ARaymondlife is prospecting the Japanese market with the support of the local French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The ARaymond Japan Development Manager, is at the helm of this operation.   In line with its commercial action plan, ARaymondlife is accelerating its international prospection. The Network’s animal health compan… [+]

Date : 01/26/12 | Market : INDUSTRIAL | category : Events

ARaymond Tinnerman – Innovation and training session for our key distribution customers

On November 16th and 17th of 2011, ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial hosted an innovation & training session in Brunswick, Ohio for our key distribution customers.   Various divisions contributed including Raywal, Rayce, and the Industrial teams; Standard Product Engineering was a major focus during this two day event introducing our d… [+]