Purchases: strategic focus for innovation

« To make our suppliers partners»

Strategic allies for innovation and the competitiveness of the Network*, suppliers are considered to be genuine partners.
In line with this spirit of cooperation and with the aim of establishing a long-term partnership with them, the ARaymond Network tends to reduce its range of suppliers.
Besides issues of costs, suppliers are chosen first and foremost on three strategic criteria:

  • Innovation
  • The ability to support the ARaymond Network internationally
  • The spirit of cooperation.

To anchor this cooperation around innovation, the ARaymond Network organises100 "Innovation Days" every year around the world dedicated to suppliers. Also open to potential new partners, these Days enables their latest innovations to be presented.

« We are trying to create a welcoming environment in which suppliers want to work with us, to bring us their expertise and to give the best of themselves »

« An interconnection between local and global »

The strategy deployed by the ARaymond Network purchasing direction is now based on different levels:

  • A local approach, linked to local suppliers who provide a proximity service to our subsidiaries.
  • An approach by major geographical areas: certain raw materials, such as metal, are distributed over a continent.
  • A global dimension, for some purchases concentrated on a range of corporate suppliers which have the ability to support ARaymond internationally.

Besides their local responsibilities, each buyer is in charge of a cross-cutting mission centred on a raw material, such as carbon steel or polyamide 12. In the framework of a proactive approach, the buyers are attached to some projects to support the development of new products.
In this spirit, meetings are regularly organised within the network to enable purchasers to share their best practices and work together.

« Working in a network and offering our buyers a context for collaboration »

Preferred groups of products and materials

The main groups of products for the purchases are:

  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Components
  • Moulds and tooling
  • Investment purchases

A list of “highly recommended raw materials”, is established by the purchasing manager. Published in each design office and updated regularly, this list allows us to concentrate the bulk of the development of new products on the same basis of raw materials.

An evaluation table ensures the success of our partnerships

Each year, the suppliers are rated according to a table comprising several qualitative criteria, the main ones of which are:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Logistical efficiency: deadlines, flexibility, service
  • Cost: competitiveness, flexibility of prices, proposals of cost gains
  • Administrative services: payment terms, quantity, billing...
  • Commercial support, the relationship aspect
  • A responsible attitude to the environment

Overall assessment for each supplier, this ratings table is an especially valuable tool for establishing an improvement plan and ensuring the long-term success of our partnerships.