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Date : 02/08/18 | Theme : Life | Category : Press release

SCHOTT AG, ARaymondlife and Vanrx Pharmasystems announce product compatibility for primary packaging of sterile injectables

PARIS, FRANCE - Pharmapack Europe Expo – February 7, 2018 – SCHOTT AG and ARaymond Life are announcing that SCHOTT adaptiQ® vials and ARaymondlife RayDyLyo® plastic press-fit closures are confirmed as a Product Set for use with Vanrx Pharmasystems’ Aseptic Filling Workcells. This Product Set is fully commercially available… [+]

Date : 01/06/17 | Theme : Life | Category : Press release

ARaymondlife, Accinov and Disposable Lab have pooled their expertise to offer biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical laboratories a comprehensive solution for innovative biopharmaceutical aseptic processing.

Accelerating time-to-market for new drugs depends on several factors—specifically the capacity to quickly develop the first technical, clinical and feasibility batches in the right environment. Complying with best manufacturing practices and keeping costs low are also key. Single-use technology has the potential to transform pharmaceutical… [+]

Date : 06/16/16 | Category : Press release

ARaymond, a history of industrial and human innovation - Mindfulness

CEO Antoine Raymond is convinced that the company of the future can only be competitive if it works hard to pool its resources, talent and know-how. Management style must evolve and move towards genuine collaborative work: management based on the "servant leadership" philosophy makes perfect sense because it unlocks talent through inno… [+]

Date : 04/26/16 | Theme : Life | Category : Press release

Pharmaceutical packaging industry leaders form the Matrix Alliance to help manufacturers speed breakthrough treatments to market

Pharmaceutical packaging industry leaders form the Matrix Alliance to help manufacturers speed breakthrough treatments to market. The Alliance was formed on the initiative of Vanrx Pharmasystems with inaugural members ARaymondLife, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler Group, Ompi, Schott AG, Schott Kaisha and SiO2 Medical Products. Each member brings u… [+]

Date : 04/12/16 | Theme : Life | Category : Press release

Leti and ARaymondlife launch project to speed use of Microfluidic Devices for onsite biological sample analysis

Leti, an Institute of CEA Tech, and ARaymondlife, today announced a joint initiative to accelerate the development and manufacturing of innovative medical devices, especially in the field of microfluidic cartridge analysis. The initiative, based on experiences from ongoing projects, will focus on cartridges that enclose portable bio-med systems tha… [+]

Date : 12/22/15 | Theme : 150 YEARS, Life, Agriculture, Energies, Truck, Industrial, Automotive | Category : Press release

2015 in key figures - infographic

To mark the end of 2015, we created this infographic to give you a "key figures" insight of the ARaymond Network and of our employees. Do not hesitate to share it! Season's Greetings!… [+]