ARaymondlife, Accinov and Disposable Lab have pooled their expertise to offer biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical laboratories a comprehensive solution for innovative biopharmaceutical aseptic processing.

Date : 01/06/17 | Theme : Life | Category : Press release

Accelerating time-to-market for new drugs depends on several factors—specifically the capacity to quickly develop the first technical, clinical and feasibility batches in the right environment. Complying with best manufacturing practices and keeping costs low are also key.

Single-use technology has the potential to transform pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing through greater flexibility, improved efficiency and guaranteed sterile processing. It also eliminates the need for cleaning solutions and validation.

So in order to meet new market needs in aseptic technology, the biomanufacturing centre Accinov has joined forces with the manufacturers ARaymondlife and Disposable Lab to provide a faster, simpler and more reliable solution.

The Accinov platform aims to offer smaller businesses all of the advantages of a large company. Accinov provides support and a manufacturing environment of the highest standard, allowing companies to move swiftly from research to technological innovation. The new system will soon be made available to SMEs and start-ups. Attuned to the needs of researchers, biotech companies and pharmaceutical laboratories, Accinov has the infrastructure to develop formulated wholesale drug manufacturing and can offer an additional Fill & Finish service.

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