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Date : 05/09/19 | Category : Press article

ARELEC and ARAYMOND sign an economic partnership

On May 2, 2019, ARAYMOND announced the signature of an economic partnership agreement with ARELEC, the specialist in magnetic closure solutions.   The agreement provides for: The creation of a shared design office within a joint venture called ARELEC ARAYMOND. Owned 50/50 by the partners, the new company will enable ARAYMOND to div… [+]

Date : 05/31/18 | Category : Press article

Committed to servant leadership, ARaymond executives overhauled the organization’s culture and management structure

10 years ago, ARaymond’s executive leadership began to drastically shake up the way it operated. It was not at a moment of crisis for the company. Read the press article… [+]

Date : 04/25/18 | Category : Press article

ARaymond = 5 générations - Grenoble Alpes Métropole

It's one of the oldest companies of the Grenoble region. One of the most emblematic and discreet too. You may not know its name, but you're using everyday its most famous invention : the press-stud. Read the press article in French… [+]

Date : 10/23/17 | Theme : Life | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife continues to develop and commercialize its RayDyLyo® range collaborating with Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging

ARaymondlife is a pharmaceutical company GMP EU, specialized in plastic injection molding and fastening solutions. Its technological expertise is applied to develop innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical laboratories (for human health and veterinary medicine) and the medical industry. Since 2012 ARaymondlife has been offering its own range … [+]

Date : 06/23/16 | Category : Press article

Who's the Boss? | Ego La Revue

Well, that all depends on... the boss! And on the hierarchical relationship they want to create with their employees. Recently, both big and small businesses have been testing new management models, not without debate and questions! Do liberated companies, servant leadership and slow management really work? Convinced that his company can only be… [+]

Date : 06/23/16 | Category : Press article

ARaymond, "Glocal" company | L'Usine Nouvelle

At ARaymond, we don't feel the pressure of time. This family company, created in 1865 from a patent behind the invention of the snap-fastener in 1886, has never "let the short term get in the way", in the words of its president, Antoine Raymond, from the fifth generation of family bosses. The automotive supplier is constantly thinking… [+]