ARaymond Network in the media

Date : 02/24/16 | Theme : Life | Category : Press article

Freeze drying : ARaymondlife | Doses Magazine

Created in 1865, the ARaymond Network develops, manufactures and sells fastening and assembly solutions, such as the push-button that has established the notonety of the company. Its expertise in fastening and assembly solutions, globally acknowledged in the automotive industry, has been strategicalty transferred to other markets such as the health… [+]

Date : 02/24/16 | Theme : Agriculture | Category : Press article

ARaymond’s TwinHook aims to offer solution to vine split dilemma | FreshFruitPortal

ARaymond sales engineer Erikjan Hoornstra explains how the ARaymond™ TwinHook manages to avoid the branches of the plant breaking under the weight of growing fruit. Read the rest of the article >  … [+]

Date : 02/04/16 | Category : Press article

CEVA, ARaymond, SPhere and Pylones: 4 prize winners of the Banque Palatine & iTELE Entrepreneurial Ambitions Trophies

Yesterday, Banque Palatine and iTELE awarded the 4th Entrepreneurial Ambitions Trophies during an honorary dinner at the Banque Palatine headquarters in Paris. The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Ambitions Trophies is to reward mid-market companies that have high growth potential and have demonstrated their ability to innovate, export or undertake … [+]

Date : 01/22/16 | Theme : Life | Category : Press article

ARaymondlife chose Vêpres to build it ISO7 white rooms | DeviceMed

ARaymondlife has enlisted the expertise of the company, Vêpres, to build its two new white rooms. These rooms will be used for performing injection, assembly and packaging operations, as well as quality control tests for medical and pharmaceutical products. Read more  … [+]

Date : 01/20/16 | Theme : Life, Agriculture, Truck, Industrial, Automotive | Category : Press article

When the plastics industry looks to the future | Plastiques & Caoutchocs Magazine

The annual conference of plastics professionals, organized by Plastiques & Caoutchoucs Magazine, took place on Wednesday, November 25. The automotive industry's need for light materials, the 4.0 industry, rheological simulation and a composite circular economy were points of discussion. Read more… [+]

Date : 01/05/16 | Theme : Life, Agriculture, Energies, Truck, Industrial, Automotive | Category : Press article

On its 150th anniversary, ARaymond invents itself a start-up future | Le Figaro

This automobile sub-contractor, which is responsible for introducing snap-fasteners to textiles, is now innovating in other business sectors, such as health. With astounding success. A new headquarter office in Grenoble, 14 new plants in three years (3 of which are in France). Read more… [+]