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Date : 10/23/15 | Theme : Life | Category : Press article

SCHOTT Launches New Center of Excellence for Ready-to-use Pharma Packaging - PackagingEurope - English Version

Excellence in ready-to-use (RTU) pharmaceutical packaging is more certain than ever: SCHOTT has set up an RTU center of excellence at its Lebanon, Pa. production facility, bringing together SCHOTT’s experts and pharma partners at the very heart of manufacturing. To launch the center of excellence, SCHOTT hosted the pharma industry for an all… [+]

Date : 10/19/15 | Theme : Automotive | Category : Press release

ARaymond develops a new and innovative Quick Connector for fuel systems on Renault vehicles

As a leader in the automotive fastening solutions market, ARaymond meets its customers' specific demands with high value-added products; the French teams have recently developed a new, innovative "Quick Connector" product for fuel systems on Renault vehicles. Read the press release… [+]

Date : 09/11/15 | Theme : Automotive | Category : Press article

From stoves to nuts, ARaymond Tinnerman remains a lock in Brunswick |

Fast forward to the 21st century, the Brunswick-based company remains family owned — it’s just under a different family and has a different name, ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial. The company was purchased in 2009 by France-based ARaymond, a global industrial firm with 5,500 employees that is now celebrating its founding 150 years ago by A… [+]

Date : 09/11/15 | Theme : Automotive | Category : Press article

ARaymond opens its first factory in Russia | Le courrier de Russie - French version

On 7 July French company ARaymond, specialising in clip fastenings for the automotive industry, opened its new production facility in Dzerzhinsk, an industrial city in the Nizhny Novgorod region, 400 km east of Moscow. Read the article… [+]

Date : 08/26/15 | Theme : Agriculture | Category : Press article

TwinHook prevents splitting in topped tomato plants | Brinkman

Topped tomato plants carry the risk of stem splitting. Due to the weight of the growing side shoots the stem may split at the node. This leads to unnecessary growth reduction and commercially it can amount to hundreds of plants per hectare being damaged by stem splitting. A solution is the TwinHook. This is a ‘twinclip’ made of polypro… [+]

Date : 08/26/15 | Theme : Life | Category : Press article

ARaymond: a new factory for its Life division | La Tribune - French version

Created in 2007, the Life division of the ARaymond Group, specialising in fastening and injection systems for the pharmaceutical industry, boasts a new 3,700 m2 factory which will expand its annual production capacity to 25 million units. Read the article… [+]