ARaymond, a global firm that designs and manufactures assembly and fastening systems for automotive and other industries, recently announced that it has invested $12 million in its manufacturing facility in Logansport. 

The company said the $12 million will include installation of new pre finish and coating lines and that it will streamline and improve the company’s overall operations.
The new equipment will arrive at ARaymond’s Logansport facility — located at 800 W County Road 250 S — in December 2023, and will be fully operational by August 2024.

Logansport plant

“We’re excited to continue our commitment to the region and to grow our investment in the Logansport community. This new equipment will allow us to better serve our customers,” said Larry Barker, ARaymond plant manager at Logansport. 

The addition of the new coating lines is part of ARaymond’s overall reimagining of its North American operations, including processes that were spread across multiple locations into one facility. ARaymond Logansport will process 80 percent of its coating work and serve as the primary shipping location for both the Hamilton, Ontario, and Logansport sites. These changes will provide its customers with benefits such as avoiding the need to pick up products in two different locations, crossing borders, reducing administrative work, and aligning with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagements.

To celebrate the investment, the plant welcomed ARaymond’s global leadership team this past July for a tour of the facility and to learn details of the impacts the $12 million will have on operations.

Also present during the visit to the facility was Logansport Deputy Mayor Jacob Pomasl.

ARaymond’s leadership expressed their full support of this investment as it aligns with both their goals to continually improve the efficiency of their products and services and to being active players in their local communities.

“Our company has been in business for 155 years”, said Barker. “We’re here for the long haul.”

“Our mission is to continue our story, by making the improvements that respond to our customer’s needs and in parallel bring value to our surrounding communities.”


Matt Myftiu 
Marx Layne for ARaymond