ARaymond India has a tradition of planting trees in every rainy season. Earlier, we used to plant trees with the equal number of our employees. Since our focus on environmental conservation is profound, we have started planting trees in hectares. From 2014 to 2023, we have planted 9578 trees and we have been nurturing these plants for every next three years.

Yesterday (August 09, 2023) we planted 6000 trees in six hectares of land. The program started with an oath ceremony for environmental conservation and social good. This event was jointly organized by ARaymond India and the Forest Department - Chakan. We will support this activity by providing water storage facilities, a drip system, and water supply.
Mr. Sachin Jadhvar, Range Forest Officer, concluded the event by saying, "ARaymond India is the first company to take the initiative in environmental conservation in the Chakan MIDC area and has become a role model for other corporates as well."

These words truly encourage us to do even better for our country and the planet. This is only possible with all of your continuous support.

At the end of the program, Mr. Kapil Rai, President of Operations, gave the vote of thanks. "I thank you all for your support and valuable contribution".


Tree planting ARaymond India