Grenoble, November 30, 2021, ARaymond, an international automotive leader in fastening and assembly solutions announces the acquisition of CGA Technologies, a leading Italian manufacturer of high performing thermal cooling plates. This step follows the acquisition, early October, of Castello Italia S.p.A. a company specialized in plastic tube extrusion for pneumatic applications within transportation and specific industrial market segments. 

These acquisitions are not just about broadening the ARaymond product offering but about scaling up complete and tailor-made plug-and-play solutions.  The goal is to design and deliver optimized thermal management systems within the mobility and selected Industrial sectors.

“As a leader of fastening and assembly solutions since more than 155 years, we continuously strive to reinvent ourselves and stay ahead in the fast-moving markets that we operate in. The automotive industry is shifting to electric and autonomous vehicles and we want to actively contribute to this extraordinary transition. To meet our customers' evolving demands, we have a clear vision that agility and time to market are critical and that our customers are expecting complete solutions. For all these reasons, the acquisitions of CGA Technologies and Castello Italia S.p.A, are an ideal fit.

With this expansion we are building up our Network to create sustainability for the future. This includes putting the well-being of our collaborators and the protection of our environment at the forefront of our priorities for our future generations.  We want to provide a service and product offering of the highest quality that meets both our customers and employees demands for long term growth and sustainability.” explains Antoine Raymond, the CEO.

The future of ARaymond is about creating sustainable, complete, and quality solutions, that increase assembly efficiency, while being driven by its core commitments to human values and the protecting the environment. 


About ARaymond

With more than 7,000 employees in 25 countries around the world, the ARaymond Network designs, manufactures and markets assembly and fastening systems. Founded in 1865, this family business based in Grenoble, France, and inventor of the press stud, has always put human values at the heart of its success. ARaymond, based on the conviction that the wellbeing and empowerment of its collaborators is essential to its continued success.  Guided by innovation and value creation, the ARaymond Network is today one of the global leaders in fastening and assembly solutions for many market segments.